SECS/GEM Solutions

Yes. At Advenxus, we can provide you the SECS/GEM solutions too.

What is SECS/GEM

SECS/GEM is the communication interface commonly used in the semiconductor, electronic, and photovoltaic industries, as defined and standardized by SEMI. SECS stands for Semiconductor Equipment Communication Standard and GEM refers to the SEMI standard E30 which describes a generic model for equipment behavior and communication using a subset of the message types defined in SEMI standard E5. Deployment of SECS/GEM interfaces generally use TCP/IP networking but RS-232 serial connections can also be used for older equipment. 

We have the key SECS/GEM features you need

 Start with a working GEM-compliant, SECS-ready solution base for adding equipment specific customization.

 Built-in standard behavior for the state models of GEM with handling of more than 100 standard SECS message types, all required GEM variables, and event types. 

 Includes customizable C#/.NET, Java, and Tcl/Tk SECS host applications for exercising and testing your tool's interface. 

 Deploy robust, high performance, passive or active HSMS interfaces (E37) and SECS-I (E4) if RS-232 interface is needed.

 Include low-level SECS diagnostics and tracing with dynamically adjustable views available for each connection. 

 Dynamically created SECS message data structures so you don't need a toolset update for new message types or changes in the standards.

 Low-latency, in-memory SQL database with subscription server capability, and a versatile message system with support for a wide variety of programming environments that give you the architecture glue you need to integrate your controllers and sensor devices with your user interface and application logic.

The Opportunity

Let Advenxus help you. Our SECS/GEM solutions can significantly reduce the complexity and duration of your integration efforts.

Fast Integration And High performance
In-memory database

for low-latency access and direct application of SQL skills.

Subscription based messaging and message queuing

allows processes get the information they need when it's needed and with low overhead.

High-level programming interface

in open source scripting language support rapid, flexible integration, and unify diverse processes, controllers and programming environments.

High reliability and uptime

eliminates support hassles so you can devote your time to production.

Persistent database

support seamless integration with major databases like Oracle and DB2.

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